Moto X Troubleshooting.

Moto X is a great phone. But sometimes good phones cause problems too!
If you have any queries regarding Moto X Troubleshooting drop a message and we will try and answer you.

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Motorola Droid-Solution To Some More Of Your Queries!

Here we are addressing some more of the common and uncommon problems faced by Droid users all over the world

Question 11. When to know if you are having a problem with Launcher application?

a)      When you press the Home button or when an application ends and the phone goes back to the Home screen, it takes a long time (5-10 secs) for the Android Launcher to put up the icons on the Home screen.

b)      When you try to kill apps when with Advanced Task Killer Free and use the Startup Auditor application to stop the loading of many programs.


How to deal with it?


Answer 11- One can try to find a replacement launcher application at the best. There are several options available in the market. First try them out. If the delay in launcher still persists then go for factory rest. Most of the times, it helps to solve the problem.


The extreme most solution when nothing is working would be to root the Droid phone and install custom ROM on it.

Question 12. When going from an app back to the home screen, sometimes it can take up to a minute for all the Droid icons to pop up. Can TouchDown email app cause this problem?


Answer 12- TouchDown email application for Motorola Droid has been known to cause some trouble for its users in the recent past. It can even lead to a system reboot at times. As there are various touchdown email application versions available in the market, it becomes a tad difficult to narrow down the one which would b most suitable with your Droid settings. You can try out with the ‘exchange for Android ‘application from the market.


Also, check if you launcher android application is working fine or not.

Question 13. How to delete music from my Droid phone? Where to look if the song files present in the phone are not visible in the music folder?


Answer 13- To delete a song or any other kind of sound or music from your Motorola Droid, you need to open the music library on your phone and then remove the particular file from the folder without deleting it.


Here is a step by step instruction to delete music from your Droid phone


  • Go to the list view given at the bottom left hand of your droid screen [ 3 horizontal lines]
  • Here you can see the artist list, album list, song list etc.
  • Just long hold on any of the song or an artist or album to get the delete option
  • Select it and delete the desired file


In case you are not able to locate song files on your music folder, try rebooting the phone or wiping out the SD card and then follow the above mentioned steps.

Question 14. Why does Droid turn off by itself for no reason?


Answer 14- Several people have reported their Motorola Droid handsets turning off on their own at irregular times. If this is the case with you too then it can be either of the following cases


  • Sometimes the battery doors come off from the Droid phones causing the phone to shut off on its own
  • The antivirus software running your Droid might be interfering with the phone’s working


If your phone’s battery doors are locked and antivirus is running just fine then we would advise you to either go in for a factory reset [ Home screen-Menu-Settings-Privacy-Factory Data Reset] or exchange your phone for a new model from Motorola or Verizon.


Question 15. Why does web browser of the Droid force close all the time?


Answer 15- Try downloading a different web browser for your Droid phone instead of the default one. Perhaps it’s the fault in the browser for shutting down on its own. If the problem persists try factory data reset.



Question 16. What causes the sending of texts to the wrong person on Motorola Droid phones?


Answer 16- It has to be one the most annoying problems that a phone can suffer from. Many Droid users find their text going to the wrong person instead of the one they selected. The same is for the reception of texts. It would come for a particular number but showcase the name of an altogether different contact in the recipient space.


This is an internal error of the DEFAULT text messaging application on your phone. Try downloading HANDCENT application o your Motorola Droid mobile.


Reboot also works most of the times.


Since this particular problem is being experienced by quite a considerable number of Motorola Droid users, the company is offering refurbished phones in exchange [within the guaranteed period]
Question 17. Why does low memory storage keeps popping up on Droid mobile?  It won’t let me move any apps or pictures or videos to the 16 GB memory card installed?


Answer 17- There might be certain unwanted applications stored in your Droid phone taking up all the memory. Try deleting them.


Also, look into the cache of certain heavy applications like fashion, entertainment, games or any such applications that provide update on daily basis. Often this leads to low memory space n your Droid phone.


To clear cache go to


Settings-Applications-Manage Applications-That Particular Application-Clear Cache


Now try transferring your data to the memory card!

Question 18. Is it common with Milestone phones that without touching the screen it will automatically start selecting applications or even sometimes makes calls?


Answer 18- You should send in your Droid Milestone for your repair. It can be the mechanical malfunction of screen and sliding connection.


Also, check whether your charger is original or not.

Question 19. Is there an application for manually rotating the screen of Droid X?


Answer 19- There is no application known till now that allows you to rotate your Droid screen manually. However, you can try to calibrate your compass and then try to turn the phone till compass turns green.


Also, there is an Auto Rotate widget available in the market that puts the button for auto rotate on/off right there on your home screen. This can help till a manual screen rotating application hits the market.

Question 20. Why does the LED light won’t go on after a text on Droid 2 mobile phone?


Answer 20- It so happens that sometimes while operating the phone, you accidentally check off the options for email notifications. This is the reason your green LED light won’t be flashing for text messages. Got to GMAIL, check whether the notifications tab is still checked or not.


Also, try taking out your battery for a minute or a factory reset if the problem continues.


Motorola Droid- Solutions to Your Queries!


Question 1. How to fix Motorola Droid Light?

Answer 1- If you are having trouble with your Droid flashlight, it is advisable to download a workable LED application form the android market. Telsa LED is perhaps the best device to solve your problem with flashlights.

There is also an application called HANDCENT available for download at android market. It helps you to change LED colors for text messages!



Question 2. When will Motorola Droid phone get the ginger bread update?

Answer 2- The latest Android 2.3 Gingerbread software update for Droid X and Droid 2 can be found for download on various sites on net. However, Droid users should be cautioned that this is not an official release by the Motorola or Verizon by any means. The software update which is said to make things more interesting for Droid phones has been allegedly leaked on the net.

Even if you opt for the option of doing it yourself, there is a risk of damage to your phone involved. It is thus advisable to wait for an official release from either Motorola or Verizon which is given the speculations is just round the corner.



Question 3. How to put an HTC clock on the Droid?

Answer 3- Yes you can definitely get the big box clock with time and weather displayed underneath it for your Motorola Droid handset as well. It’s a widget which you can very well download from the market. Just press on your home screen and find this clock under widgets. You can choose from either beautiful widgets or weather & toggling widgets.

Both these clock widgets are paid applications.

Question 4. When will the android BBM will be available on Motorola Droid mobile?

Answer 4- BBM or blackberry messenger which has so far been an exclusive property of RIM is now being extended to Android mobiles. The announcement will come soon but no specific date is known. However, users can rejoice in the knowledge that BBM on android would most likely be free or onetime fee only!

Question 5. What to do if your Droid starts behaving like this-

a) Whenever the phone is plugged into the charger, Motorola Droid won’t scroll like it should.

b) Droid phone page keeps wildly jumping all over the place and clicking random things.

c) After charging the phone needs to be restarted to make it work properly.

d)  Swype becomes difficult to operate on Motorola Droid phone

Answer 5- The reason that you Motorola Droid started going helter skelter when it is on charging maybe due to the fault with the charger alone. Perhaps you need a new charger. Also, try to use the original charger for Motorola Droid instead of a replacement product at offer. This too will help you your hone to perform better while charging!

Go buy that new charger from Motorola now!


Question 6. What to do if the Droid phone still doesn’t work properly after a factory reset? How to handle a droid lock and delayed dial response on Motorola Droid?

Answer 6 – Check through the recently downloaded applications from the market. Sometimes, one or the other applications doesn’t seem to work well with the rest of the application on the Droid Phone. Try deleting the new applications and see if the phone works properly after that.

If the problem still persists contact Motorola or Verizon office,, they might give you a new Droid phone.

One more advice- when rebooting the phone, instead of switching off the battery try CTRL SHFT ALT. it would make your phone’s chances of getting damaged minimal.


Question 7. Is It Right to switch on Droid after it’s been dropped into a mud puddle or a water tank? How can one make their Droid right again like before?

Answer 7- In case your Droid becomes a victim of liquid damage of any kind, try drying it off. It would be hazardous to switch on the phone immediately after it becomes wet.

You need to firstly, take out the soaked battery form the phone, place it in a bowl filled with saw dust and put it on a heater for at least 2 days.

If your Droid still doesn’t responds in a favorable manner, contact Motorola Tech Support for further guidance.


Question 8. Can I clean my antenna at home to make the Droid work better? Or should I get a replacement?

Answer 8- As for antenna cleaning at home, it would pose a risk to your phone getting damaged further. It’s better to get a new antenna to replace the old one from the company!


Question 9. Can Motorola Droid be infected by a virus? Is it possible? Does the random applications and browser opening on their own with weird text appearing by themselves and overwriting of settings indicate a virus trouble on Droid? How to remove the virus from Motorola Droid?

Answer 9- Chance of Motorola Droid getting infected with Virus are quite slim as the Android OS comes itself with an added protection against any such  kind of spywares and adwares. This Google built OS which is based on Java Micro edition has a very minimal chance of a virus attack. A discovered virus is addressed by network provider via OTA update.

If you are still sure that it is a virus making your Droid go haywire then download some good antivirus software available in the market these days either for a free or for a payment like Flexilis Mobile Security software, Lookout Mobile Security Software etc.



Question 10. How can you improve the performance of Droid X when it’s getting more slow day by day?

Answer 10- There are two possible ways to deal with Motorola Droid mobile becoming slow

First, you can try deleting the antivirus application that you have downloaded on your phone by any chance. These antivirus updates are more responsible for slowing down the phone than any other elements.

Second, just like you remove the temp files from your computer to make it work faster, the same can be tried for your Motorola Droid phone. Go to Browse option-select Me/More/Services-delete cache & cookies and the likes.

You can also look into any downloaded application working funnily on your phone.



Is Your Cell Phone Being Used To Spy On You?

Recently MWR Security who is a security researcher company developed a Palm Pre Bug which can turn a Palm Pre into a James Bond style spy device.

But the spay gadgets for mobiles have been in the market for some time now.Especially if you are carrying a Smartphone you are more vulnerable of being spied upon.

Cell Phone Spying is not a recent development. It has been in existence since some time now. But it became more prominent with the new smartphones like iPhones, Android etc.

In fact MWR Security even found a bug in Google’s Android phones which are an easy target for hackers. They can retrieve data like browser history, usernames, passwords etc.

Let’s have a look at some of the spy gadget tools currently in use

iPhone Spy Stick
This is supposedly a recovery tool which recovers all the deleted information like photos, videos, text messages, maps, GPS, web browsers, calendar, voice memos, appointments etc. from your iPhone. If you are using an iPhone with an iOS 3.1. or earlier version then this tool is compatible with it. Anyone can use it to spy on you!

GSM Listening Device
It is just similar to a coin and gives a spy an unlimited range to listen into your phone conversation in anywhere round the globe once he calls. Its battery backup can run for a total of 6 days with 6-8 hours of listening.

Mobile Spy
This tool once installed doesn’t even leave a trace behind. It can spy up to 3 phones with access to information like photos, videos, texts and calls.

Cell Phone SIM Card Spy
This spy tool allows you to read any deleted text messages from any SIM card.

Deep Forensic Elite Edition
It is an industrial strength SIM card spy similar to the Cell Phone SIM Card Spy.
There are devices which enable to even turn your phone camera to spy upon you. The more features your Smartphone has, the more vulnerable you are of getting spied upon.

There are various tools like Makeuse of which help you to know if your phone is getting tapped. Also, one can look for signs themselves like
• phone lighting up
• shutting down
• installing programs or other irregular activity
• warm battery temperature even when you are not using the phone

These signs tell for sure that your phone is being spied upon! This is not just security researching it is plain cyber stalking and a punishable crime. Make sure you don’t leave your phone unattended at any time!

Android 2.2 Update for HTC Magic in India

HTC Magic, a very famous handset by the company is now getting Android Froyo update. This is quite big news for all the users of this phone who fell in love with it the minute it was launched.

However, the Android phone users felt left out in the latest Android OS updates coming every few months. What more, these new updates also bring along with them a new string of cool features.

If your memories serve you right, then HTC Magic was the first Android phone to be launched in India officially. The phone is now getting ready to receive the new Android 2.2 Froyo update. The update will first reach the users of the Vodafone UK network.

Here are the following features that will come along with Android 2.2 Froyo update on HTC Magic phone
• Support for USB Tethering
• Youtube versions for mobile
• Support for Exchange
• Copy applications to flash memory cards [ earlier not possible for HTC Magic]

Due to hardware restrictions on HTC Magic some of the Froyo features are not supported. Here they are
• Live wallpapers
• Support for flash
• Wi-Fi hot spot creation

All those using HTC Magic on Vodafone UK network will soon receive a notification about the Android update on their phones. Though the fate of unbranded HTC Magic is still under the shrouds.

Let’s hope HTC Magic users find a reason to rejoice!

New Android Updates Reaches India-Find Updated Market, Application And Security!

Starting today i.e. 15 December 2010, the latest Android Market updates have finally reached India!

Now one can enjoy the new improved and updated version of the much popular Android market. Herein, all the android mobile users can purchase their favorite applications from. It is just like Apple’s App store.

The android market comes installed with new enhancements, an attractive user interface and cool applications. Let’s have a look one by one for the various updates and enhancements added to the android market which has finally come to India!

Market Main Page
Update- a more green page with iPhone album art like interface
Brief- the page mainly consists of the lost of the applications along with another list of applications on the top of the page which rotates automatically. The rest of the page has normal buttons of search, app games and downloads. However, downloads have been changed to My Applications.

Market Settings
Update-filtering and notifications options
Brief- this page now offers the Filter options with various levels of it i.e. mature, teen, preteen or all for all the available content! An added attraction is the Notifications option which will then allow the market to keep you updated about the application of games which are already installed on your device!

Application and Games Pages
Update-scrolling iPhone album art like banner on top
Brief- this page contains the usual list of categories of applications with the additional change of iPhone album art like banner on top!

Application Page
Update-complete makeover!
Brief- this page now shows all the icons in big along with Related Applications. There are bigger icons on display for applications. An Install button is on the right with a description below. There is also a More button for expanding details. Right below the details are Application screen shots and Reviews. And right below Reviews is the Related Application section.

Security Options
Update- complete make over
Brief- on this page, when a person clicks Menu on Application Description Page then a new option comes for Security. It works for both installed and applications being viewed by you. In fact this options helps to detect what all the applications have access to on your device!

GMAIL Priority Inbox a Reality Now- Android Tested!

The Gmail application on Android was anyways the matter of pride. Now with its new improved updates and features, GMAIL will become one thing that would leave behind iPhone and Blackberry behind and accelerate the success of Android phones.

The speculations about the proposed GMAIL Priority Inbox for mobile phones have come true! The application has just been tested on an android run mobile phone i.e. Samsung Galaxy S. Apparently, this mobile is using the latest Android OS which is called Froyo!

GMAIL Priority Inbox which lets you differentiate between your more importantly and urgent emails work incredulously on mobile devices just like it works on your desktop. In fact, it appears just as same! So what are the results of the test performed on the Android Froyo run Samsung Galaxy S mobile for the newest GMAIL feature i.e. GMAIL Priority Inbox!

•GMAIL priority inbox for mobile works in the same manner as on desktop!

•One can mark their emails as important or non important from the options available on the priority inbox applications manually only!

•The only difference that one can site between desktop interface and mobile interface is that while on desktop all the unread mails were piled up on top together whereas on mobile interface, the GMAIL priority inbox showcases the unread messages as well.

It would be quite interesting to see the response garnered by GMAIL priority inbox on Android mobile phones. Who knows priority inbox becomes the next cool thing on mobile applications this winter!

Motorola Tablet Honeycomb Confirmed By Google

It has been confirmed finally. Google is indeed going to introduce an Android powered Motorola tablet. This tablet will utilize Honeycomb which is a mobile operating system meant for smart phones. Apparently, this mobile OS Honeycomb is being updated for use in tablets.

The prototype for this Motorola tablet was unveiled by Google Vice President for Engineering Andy Rubins during the D: Dive into Mobile conference held at San Francisco.

It is rumored that this Honeycomb tablet is being introduced to give direct competition to Apple’s iPad tablet which was launched few months back!

Speculations are rife about the features and specification of the new tablet and what it has to offer. Few things however have been confirmed. For instance, Honeycomb Motorola Tablet will boast of a 3D processor from NVIDIA. The new APIs will allow the application to be split the functionality into multiple views.

The upcoming tablet will also feature GMAIL application with 2 pane view which is quite similar to the GMAIL application on iPad.

Here are some speculations made about the Honeycomb Tablet

•A full 10 inch or 9. Inch screen quite similar to iPad.
•Video chatting facilities just like the FaceTime application being introduced in the upcoming iPad 2.

Motorola Honeycomb tablet will release sometime in next year. Only then it would be decided if this Android powered tablet will be one up over iPad or not!

Ipad 2-The Upcoming Advanced Version of Ipad

Barely months after the launch of Apple’s computer tablet i.e. iPad, the company is hearing up for its advanced version iPad 2. This new tablet device which revolutionized the digital world with its introduction has managed to become an instant hit with almost everyone. Corporate are the most that are benefitted by its mobile features which makes it easy for them to handle their affairs!

So what can the new iPad 2 offers to its customers which already are not available in the iPad? There were in fact some features which were desired a majority of people to be included in the iPad. It would make the tablet much more appealing and useful to its users! So what all is the iPad 2 offering and rumored to possess?
• Video calling
• Lighter body
• USB ports
• New display technology
• New 3 axis gyroscopes

Besides this, iPad 2 will also feature FaceTime technology which allows the user to connect with iPhone 4, iPod Touch and MAC computer at the same time through front and back facing camera. The tablet computer boasts of carbon fiber panels with thinner glass which reduces its mass by a fair margin. The latest retina display technology which was used for iPhone 4 is also been incorporated in iPad 2 device which raises the resolution and color performance by manifolds.

Even then, the iPad 2 tablet computer will be available in the earlier three versions i.e. 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. Apple is known for revising its iOS on a yearly basis for its every product. Henceforth, the new developed iOs4.1 which will be used in iPad 2 will increase its performance!

So far 7-8 million iPads have been sold till September of this year and 6 million more are expected to be sold by the end of this year. With the news flitting about a May 2011 release for iPad 2, one must be concerned about the fate of the current iPad. Unfortunately, this tablet will not follow suit like the iPhone models which become cheap after the release of a new model!

iPad prices will not slash down by a large amount after the release of iPad 2. Then why should a person buy the new iPad and not stick to its earlier model only? Well, it basically depends upon the needs and likes of the people. After all, a person might be contend with the same mobile for 3-4 years while another person likes to change their handsets at quite rapid intervals!

@13,990, a Motorola QWERTY Touch screen is Not Bad at All!

It seems like Motorola is ready to take over the mobile market by storm once again. Recently it launched Quench and Flipout and now it has come up with the new Android Smartphone called Charm.

This QWERTY touch screen Smartphone which was launched in Indian market is quite a good deal in terms of price! As a matter of fact, for just rupees 13,990, a Motorola Android touch screen Smartphone with QWERTY keypad is not bad at all!

One can surely look forward to this Motorola Charm mobile which resembles a sleeker version of Blackberry with a touch screen. The Smartphone displays some very cool features which are quite forthcoming in this price range. Besides the regular connectivity and camera features, it also has two new applications i.e. corporate mail support which will come in quite handy for business professionals.

In fact, those who can’t afford a Blackberry and always wanted to flaunt a sleek Smartphone can benefit a lot from the new Motorola Charm quite affordable within 15,000 price range.

Just like Motorola Backflip phone, Motorola Android Charm too has Backtrack option. In other words, it allows the user to navigate the touch screen without even touching the screen! For the Indian market, there is also an offer for Aircel users in the Indian market i.e.

For post paid users-1GB of free downloads for 6 months
For pre paid users- 9 GB of free downloads for 3 months

Specifications for Motorola Charm are
• 2.8 inch touch screen
• Full QWERTY keypad
• 3G, WI-FI, GPS connectivity
• 3MP camera
• 320X240 resolution
• Corporate mail support
• Backtrack option

The final verdict is that this Android Smartphone by Motorola is a great grab for alls those who are quite fond of social networking!